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10 Promises I Made To Myself


After age 40, I chose to have a clear, happy, fullfilling life. It’s not easy to get there but it is possible. It is constant work and commitment. And there are many decisions to be made at any given time. These are the promises I made to myself:

  1. I will not take a job that I don’t want. This was after years of HAVING to take jobs I hated.
  2. I will not stay at a job that mistreats me and doesnt appreciate my abilities.
  3. I will lovingly let go of friendships that no longer are healthy. I will try to work on them and recognize when its failing.
  4. I promise to release my creativity.
  5. I promise to find like minded people to fill my universe.
  6. I promise to be nice to others just because being nice is a nice thing to do!
  7. I won’t sweat the small stuff and make it into bigger stuff.
  8. I won’t look for trouble in relationships. I will give the benefit of the doubt and keep my eyes open.
  9. I will be open to new things.
  10. Change can be good.

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