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TWO years in the making!!

I filmed a whole season and then shelved it!

Retooled and reworked the concept!

Started shooting new season of 20 episodes!!

The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show #thereallyquickjljshow was finally released Monday with the premiere episode.

It is an under 3 minute web series on anything I feel like talking about or sharing. Also I may do some experimental stuff too. The plan s for you to either laugh, or smile or think about something you may not have thought about before.Exclusively on my YouTube channel! Also there are behind the scenes and bonus videos too!

New Episodes are Mondays and Thursdays!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there!


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A Lott in Los Angeles Update


Hello ALL! I am still shooting episodes of A Lott in Los Angeles. This web series is my love letter to Los Angeles AND the Lott Name!!

If any of you out there are in Los Angeles and have the last name Lott contact me!!!


Meantime: Like and follow my Facebook page:

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The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show

I am reworking my idea for this web series and I think that i have come up with a better series! I have some great guests and personal ideas to bring to you all! This process has been a revelation! Its much different then my other web series A Lott in Los Angeles. I’m excited to get this out to all of you. Hopefully this winter!!! Stay tuned!

You can follow the page on Facebook for Updates and other information:

Also you can go to my YouTube channel The Super Organizer James Lott Jr for the videos related to the show (and eventually where the show will be released):

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Positive Changes!

An Update About The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show!


So changes are good. I tried to work within a set format and I couldn’t make it work at this stage. I may go back and try again. But for know its full steam ahead bringing The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show to YouTube.  And by adding more minutes, I have more to play with and can give more to my viewers. I am very excited to bring this show to you. My hope is to start the season this summer!!

Stay tuned!!

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Two New Web Series in the Works!


I’m finally taking the plunge. Its a small dip in the Internet TV game but Its still a big deal to me! I am working on two web series. That’s right I’m creating, producing, writing and starring in TWO web series. I’ve seen others do it and I thought I can do it too, The web is a vast playground. And I can CONTROL what I put out there for the viewing public. Plus I see these as another promotional tool for my business, The Super Organizer and a springboard for my new venture, Blakhope Productions.AND I want to promote local LA businesses and arts, and food, and fun.

Each web series will be delivered on a separate social media site. The two sites that I have chosen only allow for 30 to 40 seconds videos to be uploaded, so that presents a fun challenge for me. The webisodes will be short! They will be quick! But hopefully they will be informative. Both are lifestyle/self improvement shows. A Lott in Los Angeles is literally about a Lott (Me:James LOTT Jr) in Los Angeles. Every Monday and Wednesday I will show you something I am doing, people in my life or who I meet, places in LA, etc. That series will be exclusive to Twitter and will be available on my Twitter page @blakhopela or @alottinla.  The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays on my profile Blakhopela on This show will be about anything and everything that I encounter, tips, tributes and travelling.

Right now I am in pre-production on both! It take s a lott of work to produce these things but I am enjoying the process. It will be nice to have them out there. I plan on doing them as seasons and will offer extras along the way. I have created Facebook pages for both: A Lott In Los Angeles and The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show.

I look forward to this venture and possibly have this get bigger and onto larger platforms. And as always I encourage all of you to follow your dreams!

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