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One of my Biggest Influences-Gil Scott-Heron


My parents loved Gil Scott Heron and played his albums continuously while I was growing up. He had a presence in his vocals that I admired and later imitated. He spoke about reality of the black man, the black family , the society at large. I didn’t fully relate until i became an adult and lived some life. He is most famous for the song, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. A song that is as relevant today as ever.His last album before he passed, I’m New Here, was a mini masterpiece. I REALLY enjoyed it and played it over and over again. One of the songs, Running, is one of my favs, and I am sharing it with you all.



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Spoken Word Piece- You’re Kinda Right


You’re Kinda Right by James Lott, Jr 2015

I can see what you’re sayin. 

Some of it is true.
In a wierd way we are on the same page about many things.
In a complex way we couldn’t be more different.

You’re younger. 

I’m older. 

You’re intense
I’m slower.
You see things in black or white
I like grey areas…sometimes
I own what you want someday.
I have a business.
You want one someday.
You want to raise a family.
I’ve already done that.
We both have tempers.
We are over that.

You’re kinda right. 

Things weren’t going so well.

You’re kinda right

The fighting was more frequent.

You’re kinda right
It stopped working.
You are right.
We have to focus on ourselves
To each his own.
You ARE right.
But That doesn’t help with the hurt.

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