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The Dark and the Light of Christmas

it hurts

it really hurts

i can feel you…everywhere

i wish i could see you…anywhere

I went to the store to buy you a Christmas card

Isn’t that crazy. You’ve been dead for a minute now.

I went to the store and I saw all the things you would like.

I cried at a CD of Chaka Khan. I cried at a book for Top Chef. I cried a cute sweater vest in your size.

emotions are swirling all through my head. they are drowning me.

I’m trying to come up for air

I knew this would happen but i was not prepared for it…fully

I remember all the good years we had to together. All the Christmas holidays.

I smile

I cry

then i smile again.

I still have people HERE that i need to give attention to

I still have people here to celebrate the holiday with.

I still have people here at Christmas..and some of them miss you too.

We can miss you together. The survivors.

We can love you together.

I want to be someone who is missed when i am gone.

I have to remember whether i am missing them or being with who’s left

Love is filling the room.

Love is filling my heart

Love is lighting my Christmas.



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A Poem Looking For Understanding!


Surprised and Sad

I wake up.

I roll over.

I get out of bed.

I go to the bathroom.

I wash my face.

I make my tea.

I turn on my computer.

I sit down.


I go to Facebook.

I see the comments.

I go to Twitter.

I see the comments.

I go to Instagram.

I see the memes.

My heart hurts.


The message is getting lost.

The message is buried under.

The message is hard to find.

The messages coming through are bad.

The messages coming through are disheartening.

The messages coming through are maddening.

I feel angry.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I can’t believe what I’m reading.

I can’t believe what people are saying.

I can’t believe what other people of color are saying.

I can’t believe what my friends are saying.

I feel angrier.


What strangers say only bothers me a little.

What my friends say hurts me a lot.

When a person of color downs another person of color, it stings.

What happen to unity.

What happened to compassion.

When will the understanding begin.


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A Poem For March


A Poem For March

It’s Winter, It’s Spring

It’s the end, it’s a beginning

It is the continuation that excites me







March is the perfect fit for me!




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A Poem For Today!

I am a writer. I am a writer of blogs and books. I never thought I could be a writer of poetry. For some odd reason I always thought that poetry writing was for “other people” or certain kinds of people. Whatever that means! Over the last few months, I have been writing poems and enjoying myself in the process. Some cathartic experiences have come out of this too. Here is a poem that came to me this morning:


A New Perspective

I opened my eyes.

Both literally and figuratively.

After a good nights sleep,

I saw things more clearly.

It feels like a new day.

It’s good to take things slowly.

Stop, drop and roll

Everything escalated so quickly.

Bad words were spoken.

They were said so harshly.

We recognize we couldn’t continue,

So the call ended abruptly.

By sleeping I had a chance,

To think about it softly.

I feel so much better now.

We can talk about it openly.

-by James Lott Jr 2015


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