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From Fear to Creation!


I was scared, literally scared to pick up a paintbrush! I thought Painting was something “other” people do.  I thought there was a rigidness about the art of painting. “I’ll never be as good as..” “No one would like what I produce.” “I’ll never be as talented as..” Well one day my stepmother (who is an excellent painter/artist) told me to “Stop it! and just do it!”  So I did. Now I can’t stop. I am working towards having my own art show one day. And I’ve sold a couple of my paintings!!

What I have learned is that there are no REAL rules about painting. It’s about expressing yourself however you are feeling at the time. For me painting is a vulnerable experience. I try to be true and centered and create whatever I want! Not everyone will like every piece I do, but someone might like and be moved by something I paint.  Painting, just like my writing, is another form of expression for me. And I overcame a fear, which is ALWAYS a good thing!

Most importantly, I’m having fun doing it! I will keep you posted on my journey with this!


My first painting ever! 2000


from 2002



From 2014


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