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Happy New Year…Sure!!



This is my first post of the year on this blog site! Its 15 days in and I was trying to decide what to write. Blakhope Productions and James Lott Jr are going through a transitional time! I am in the middle of figuring out whats next. Its an exciting time and a time of hard work that I am putting in .

I am still decided what THIS space will be used for. I have the Flash Fiction Mini Series Good Morning, that I will continue on here. That has been fun to write. I have been sharing my poetry and spoken word on here. I think I will continue to do that too. I just urge you to stay tuned and thank you for any and all support you have given me!!

Happy New Year….YES!!

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7 Reasons I Get Out of Bed

Image result for getting out of bed happy

  1. I have to pee.
  2. I’m hungry.
  3. I feel productive after a good nights sleep. The brain rested.
  4. It is my duty to be a productive member of society.
  5. My ancestors fought hard for me to have the life I have.
  6. I want to see my friends and family.
  7. I finally have a career that I love and THAT gets me out of bed!
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TWO years in the making!!

I filmed a whole season and then shelved it!

Retooled and reworked the concept!

Started shooting new season of 20 episodes!!

The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show #thereallyquickjljshow was finally released Monday with the premiere episode.

It is an under 3 minute web series on anything I feel like talking about or sharing. Also I may do some experimental stuff too. The plan s for you to either laugh, or smile or think about something you may not have thought about before.Exclusively on my YouTube channel! Also there are behind the scenes and bonus videos too!

New Episodes are Mondays and Thursdays!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there!


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10 Promises I Made To Myself


After age 40, I chose to have a clear, happy, fullfilling life. It’s not easy to get there but it is possible. It is constant work and commitment. And there are many decisions to be made at any given time. These are the promises I made to myself:

  1. I will not take a job that I don’t want. This was after years of HAVING to take jobs I hated.
  2. I will not stay at a job that mistreats me and doesnt appreciate my abilities.
  3. I will lovingly let go of friendships that no longer are healthy. I will try to work on them and recognize when its failing.
  4. I promise to release my creativity.
  5. I promise to find like minded people to fill my universe.
  6. I promise to be nice to others just because being nice is a nice thing to do!
  7. I won’t sweat the small stuff and make it into bigger stuff.
  8. I won’t look for trouble in relationships. I will give the benefit of the doubt and keep my eyes open.
  9. I will be open to new things.
  10. Change can be good.
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Happy 235th Birthday Los Angeles!

I am celebrating my 25th year in Los Angeles! And today Los Angeles is celebrating its 235th year in existence! I love LA and i am glad to be back and living and working here! We have our issues (traffic) but I love the weather and the diversity and the weather…

Image result for happy 235th LA

You can follow my LA exploits and fun on my Twitter page @alottinla and my Facebook page A Lott in Los Angeles ON my TV show The Bold Breakdown on A Lott in Los Angeles is a weekly segment where I showcase something of LA. Its fun! LIKE my pages while you are there!


Photo by Doug Frerichs, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, DTLA 2016

Happy Birthday and with all the construction happening here, the next 235 years are going to look and be exciting!

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The Really Quick JLJ Show is Filming Season 1!!!

I had half a season filmed and edited and done when i looked at it and didn’t like it! It didn’t work! It wasn’t my vision! So what did I do…..I deleted it! I deleted all of it!! That is why there is a delay in its initial release date of this summer! I decided to start over and I am the better for it!!!

Sometimes you have to make decisions like that. Start over! I have started over in my life several times. The results were a better life than before! Each time I rebooted, I felt better and more ON target! I made sure I made clear and thoughtful choices. This was no exception. I revisited my vision for this short web series. It is my art based outlet! MY art and the art of OTHERS! With that, I have started filming!!! I finished filming the premiere episode with a a great, talented artist, activist, educator Joshua Silverstein. During that show, I got to experience something I’ve never experienced BEFORE! It was VERY cool!! And you’ll have to watch to find out what that is….

I am filming episode 2 shortly and lining up episodes 3 and 4. I envision this as a 10 episode series to air on my YouTube channel TheSuperOrganizerJamesLottJr. I am VERY excited to bring this to you! I hope to debut the show EARLY 2016! Stay tuned and meanwhile check out my FB page for updates, behind the scenes, and fun stuff, The Really Quick JLJ Show AND LIKE the PAGE!!

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The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show

I am reworking my idea for this web series and I think that i have come up with a better series! I have some great guests and personal ideas to bring to you all! This process has been a revelation! Its much different then my other web series A Lott in Los Angeles. I’m excited to get this out to all of you. Hopefully this winter!!! Stay tuned!

You can follow the page on Facebook for Updates and other information:

Also you can go to my YouTube channel The Super Organizer James Lott Jr for the videos related to the show (and eventually where the show will be released):

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