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Indian Films, Culture and ME!

Me with Ravi Patel of Meet the Patels AND TV’s Grandfathered!

If you didn’t know by now, I had to leave Bollywhat? on the Popcorn Talk network! Creator/Producer/Co Host Kanika Lal and I are friends and this was a decision I had to make professionally. I had a couple of NEW ventures that needed my full attention. I LOVED doing Bollywhat? and I want to THANK everyone from the Indian community that EMBRACED ME and were IMPRESSED with my knowledge of Indian cinema!! I take ti very seriously and knew that being on the show and being NON Indian, I had to know my stuff! LOL

John Abraham, one of my fav stars!

So I may be off screen for now!!! But I do have some plans in the embryonic stages to return to Bollywood reviewing in some form!!! Not sure which avenue yet and that’s the exciting part!! I will keep you posted! STAY TUNED!!

IN the meantime you can catch my time (5 episodes) on Bollywhat? on my YouTube channel, just click on this link.


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