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Hello Readers!

Its been a awhile since I’ve posted. I have been extra buys with new projects or existing projects that suddenly have moved forward. It is an EXCITING time for ME and my production company!!

People are wanting to work with me! That is a great feeling. It is a nice feeling. I love to collaborate! Working with others towards a product can be very rewarding. I like bouncing off ideas and agreeing on a concept and putting it together. They have their strengths and I have mine and we find a way to build and work together. It’s a different high then working alone. Also when people want to come on to YOUR project and are willing to do what you need, its great too. They share in helping you get your vision. I am so blessed and fortunate. I want to publicly THANK everyone who is in my orbit right now!

One of the new projects that I am involved with is with the guys at DeadXRadio. They are a great team out of Florida. Jeff, Chance, Sean, Patrick and John are my buddies and are fans of horror, sci-fi, and paranormal. WE are shooting a pilot for a TV Show and more! I’m excited for this venture. It should be fun! Check them out!


I also have a NEW TV show coming out! Its an old show that I have been asked to REVIVE by Black Hollywood Live network! President Derrial Christon is a great guy and I am honored to work on AfterbuzzTV’s African American Network!  The show is called Breaking Into. I get to talk to people in the Entertainment Industry (all aspects)! It works with MY brand of sharing knowledge and ideas with everyone! I have some REALLY good guests lined up already.In the last week or so, it’s been filled with bookings and all that entails. Coordinating schedules! I am so excited for this 30 minutes show that debuts Thursday, Nov. 5th at 5pm PST/8pm EST!!

I am also the “VOICE” of a new radio program/podcast!! Radio Millenial!!! 3 friends (including my buddy Cameron Louis) have a fun show that tackles all kinds of subjects that are on the minds of young people and its funny too! Here is a link to an episode. AND at the beginning/opening theme of the show…you will hear a familiar voice….

THE show that I BROUGHT to Afterbuzztv, THE GH Report is now a MONTH old!! We have 4 shows under out belt! Ladine Harvey, Lacretia Lyon, and Frank Moran and I have debuted and are clicking right along! The fans are coming to us and have been supportive! AND we have secured our first guest, GH Actor Robert Palmer Watkins who plays Dillon. He will be on NOV 8th!

PLEASE check out and LIKE our Facebook Page, the GH Report! 

Again I live in Gratitude everyday for the opportunities!!!



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Searching For Hosts For Possible Internet TV Recap/Chat Show for Daytime Soap General Hospital

Hello I am James Lott, Jr and i’m a guest co-host on AfterbuzzTV Days of Our Lives. I am looking to create and start an Afterbuzz show for daytime Iconic soap General Hospital.


I’m looking for 2 dynamic people who watch and love the Daytime Soap General Hospital! I am the lead host of an Aftershow/Recap Show on a major Internet TV channel and I need 2 co-hosts (possibly 3). This is great for fans too! We would air once a week for an hour and discuss the show. This is NOT a paid gig but its great exposure. You can promote yourself. If you are an actor/actress, musician, comedian, business owner, etc, this is great promotion.

The format and set up will be similar to the DOOL recap show. you can take a look below:

I need a good, clear photo (or head shot) and a resume. I will be doing all the screening and if you qualify, we will meet first and then I will present you to the network for their application process. I am really looking for men or women, team players and great speaking skills! Also must be able to get to the Valley in Southern California to film. AND to have fun. This is a chance of a lifetime. If you are connected to GH Events , that is an A+

Send all resumes and headshot/pictures to


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