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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 22

Vincent is sitting in a chair. Two masked men are tying his hands and feet to it! Vincent looks up, “It’s You?! It’s a woman dressed in a gray pant suit. She has slick back dark hair and no expression on her face. He looks around. The room he is in is huge with large dark furniture and he looks on the walls…its pictures of him from various ages. “You know why I brought you here Vincent.” She says in a monotone voice. He looks blank and says, “Actually I don’t.” She slaps him then grabs his face and says, “YES. YOU. DO. You know what you did to me!”

Shaking Vincent says, “I don’t know what you are talking about” She slaps him again but this time  the chair falls backwards. He looks and sees two sets of feet walking towards him.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 21

Vincent hits sand, on a hill, and rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls till he stops. He opens his eyes and sees a house. He’s about to stand up and he suddenly a cloth bag is placed over his head. He feels two sets of hands pick him up and drag him forward. His feet scraping sand for a while then he doesn’t feel sand anymore but floor. Then he is sat down. They take the hood off. “It’s You?!”



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 20

Vincent falls thru the hole and lands on a field of grass. He is surprised that he is not hurt. He gets up and all he sees for miles is green grass! Grass in a every direction, and clear blue sky. There are no trees or hills or houses! Vincent says, “Where am I?” Suddenly the ground beneath him shakes and a hole opens up beneath him and he falls through.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 19


Vincent’s hand is hurting from punching the window that didn’t break and he’s in the middle of an earthquake. It’s a pretty big one. He falls to the ground and tries to stay put. Suddenly the bottom of the floor drops out and he falls through.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 18



Vincent, with his hand and knuckles wrapped in a towel, tries to break the window and he just hurts his hand. The window is still intact. The door leading out is blocked with a brick wall and the window won’t break. What now?! The ground starts to shake violently!



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 17

Vincent Is staring at a brick wall where his entrance to the hallway in his house used to be! He doesn’t understand. He touches it and tries to push. It’s real and nothing moves. “what is going on?!” He goes to the window. He sees a yard. He tries to open the window. It won’t budge. He grabs a book and tries to break the window. It won’t break. He grabs a towel that is laying on the floor next to his bed. He wraps it around his hand and covers his knuckles. He cocks his arm back and punches the window.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 16


Vincent hears an alarm in the distance. It gets louder and louder. He opens his eyes. He is back in his bed at home. He is shocked. He jolts up and is sitting up in his bed. He turns off his alarm. He looks around. “OMG it was only a dream.” He laughs. “What did I eat before I went to bed last night!?!” He stretches and gets out of bed. He is just wearing shorts. He walks to the door in his bedroom. He opens the door and it’s a brick wall. “What the….”