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Poetry With JLJ: Letting Go Is The Hardest/Best Thing To Do

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I miss the friendship.

I miss the fun times.

I miss the calls and texts everyday.

I miss the gossip.

I miss…I miss..

I miss everything.

It doesn’t seem fair that it all stopped.

I tried to stop it from happening.

It doesn’t seem fair that it all changed.

I tried to stop it from changing.

It was subtle at first.

The calls became less.

The return texts became days later.

The calls became days later.

The visits became weeks later.

It’s out of my control.

It makes me angry!

But anger isn’t the answer. Love is.

I had to remember the love and use that to let you go.

Why chase after, why sit and wait for, someone who doesn’t feel the same.

You can love from afar. You can always wish them well.

And that’s what I have to do….from afar.

Who knows why some friendships last a lifetime

While others are for a season.

Letting go is the hardest/best thing for you to do.


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