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Time For Another Spotlight On…Hosting Gig


Yes this week there is another Spotlight On Show. This week its Bren Foster, a hot Aussie who played on Days of Our Lives a few years back. Amazing HOST Tony Moore and I have an hour to ask him about his time on Days as Quinn Hudson (Vivian Alemain’s son) and life after to the present!

So join us tomorrow Wednesday June 24th at 5pm PST. on

And if you are  DAYS fan, join me this Sunday, June 28th at 5pm for Dishin Days on!


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My Co-Hosting Job on AfterbuzzTV’s Spotlight On Series…


I had a chance to co host my first Spotlight On Series on The wonderful Tony Moore invited me to join him. It was a great experience. Casey was the nicest guy. I am doing another one next week. I am loving the opportunity to gain more on camera, live experience. I hope to get better and better! I am really enjoying myself! Live is good!


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