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Stopping The Blame Game

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I had to change my way of thinking from ‘Why is everybody and everything against me” to “Life happens and I have a part in what happens to me” Sometimes it can be easy to adopt the why me attitude. I used to do it! Its pretty ego driven and self absorbed to think the world is out to get YOU! Or that people have YOU in mind when they are making decisions about their own lives.

I have learned that some things are cause and effect of our actions. Other things are effects from things out of our control. I have learned that sometimes WE get in our OWN way! I suggest to always try to stay present in all situations. Try to keep an open mind and look at the big picture. Look at your reactions and words. It took me a while to learn these lessons!!

I stopped blaming everyone else for where I am in my career.

I stopped blaming my parents for my mistakes as an adult.

I stopped blaming my friends for not giving me enough attention if I am lonely.

I stopped blaming myself for not seeing things more clearly..sooner. You see and learn when you are ready and supposed to know.