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Check out and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel



I have been expanding and adding content to my YouTube channel, The Super Organizer James Lott Jr.

I have original series like my GH Mini Spotlight Series.

I also have all the TV Hosting I am doing (its a lott)!

And I have my radio shows you can listen to from my Super Organizer Universe Radio show.

Its all organized neatly in playlists! Easy to find and navigate!

Check me out and subscribe!!!

Thank you!!


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My New Web Series: GH Mini Spotlight

James_LA_B300 LogoColorTextBelow

I am a big fan of General Hospital! I am also working on getting a General Hospital Show off the ground at an Internet TV channel (more on that as it happens)! In the meantime I have been looking to fill my YouTube Channel with lotts of content. This is one of the ideas that has turned into a series. Its a few minutes where I spotlight a family or person on General Hospital. I am usually inspired by an episode so I mention that too. So click on the link and enjoy: GH Mini Spotlight.

Also while you are there, check out other videos I have on The Super Organizer James Lott Jr Page. LIKE my vids and enjoy! AND stay tuned for more content!!!


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