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September 11th: Continue Creating Art!

For ME , I try to live my life in gratitude! Unlike those on that fateful day, I got a chance to continue living! One of the ways that I honor them is by creating art. I paint, write, and do music. Sometimes its angry. Other times its peaceful. Many times its really expressive! and LOUD! But I have my moment of stillness and quiet and calm.

I share this day with all the artists in the world! Keep creating! Keep sharing. Keep living!

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Welcome to El Blakhope!


Hello and Welcome! My name is James Lott Jr and this is Blakhope Productions! This is a space for all things art! I paint. I write. I create. And I am also on the lookout for other like minded people who create too. Art is so very important to our world at large.

I invite you to follow this journey with me and I promise to bring you a diverse selection of music, TV, movies, books, paintings, poetry, performance and anything else that I have forgotten.  And maybe you will be inspired to go for your goals! I like to see HOPES and dreams turn into realities!! And for other tips and coaching you can visit my other blog

Thank you for your time and lets go out there and create!!


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