The Dark and the Light of Christmas

it hurts

it really hurts

i can feel you…everywhere

i wish i could see you…anywhere

I went to the store to buy you a Christmas card

Isn’t that crazy. You’ve been dead for a minute now.

I went to the store and I saw all the things you would like.

I cried at a CD of Chaka Khan. I cried at a book for Top Chef. I cried a cute sweater vest in your size.

emotions are swirling all through my head. they are drowning me.

I’m trying to come up for air

I knew this would happen but i was not prepared for it…fully

I remember all the good years we had to together. All the Christmas holidays.

I smile

I cry

then i smile again.

I still have people HERE that i need to give attention to

I still have people here to celebrate the holiday with.

I still have people here at Christmas..and some of them miss you too.

We can miss you together. The survivors.

We can love you together.

I want to be someone who is missed when i am gone.

I have to remember whether i am missing them or being with who’s left

Love is filling the room.

Love is filling my heart

Love is lighting my Christmas.


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Poetry is Spilling Out of ME!

I am writing and writing so much poetry. It is spilling out of me! Some i have changed a bit and turned into songs. I am so proud of the surprise success of my Poetry book It was a labor of my life in 2016. My ups and downs and now I have decided that I will end the year with another poetry book. I am currently picking the poems to be included. This will chronicle my 2017 and its ups and DOWNS! I hope to have it out in December.

This has been a great outlet for me and getting my feelings out! I feel better personally and I hope people who pick up the books feel better too and can relate!

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I Work Hard For The Money!!

I Work Hard for the Money by James Lott Jr 2017

I work hard for the money!

Actually I work hard for the dream!

Actually I work for the dream!

Actually I work for the dream and hopefully it will make me money!

Money is not the reason I work for the dream.

Money isn’t the dream.

The dream is the dream but I have to make money too.

I can never forget that.

I can never forget the dream.

But I need to find ways for the dream and the money to intersect.

I feels unfair sometimes but then I remember

I’m living the dream.

To be able to dream and to work for it.

I work hard.

But it feels good and not always like work.

I make some money

Somehow I make it work.


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Changes Changes Everywhere!

Stay tuned for changes!!! I am streamlining my life and career! I am so excited to let you know whats going on!!! 

Thank you for all the support !!!


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What IS Going On With Blakhope Productions?!

JPG4It’s me James Lott Jr and I wanted to let you know that I am streamlining the company. I’m in the process of adding and subtracting. I am working with my other company JLJ Media to form something nice. I have a book division now. A music division too. They go along with the art, tv and radio stuff.

It will take a few months to get to get this all together.

Thank You  for your support and stay tuned!!


thank you

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Poems From The Heart! I’m on

I started writing poetry and spoken word pieces and publishing them on here. Now I have a collection of them in Kindle and paperback form! You can go to to purchase! Here is the link: