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Producing Content: The Blakhope Productions/JLJ Media Universe


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Changes Changes Everywhere!

Stay tuned for changes!!! I am streamlining my life and career! I am so excited to let you know whats going on!!! 

Thank you for all the support !!!


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What IS Going On With Blakhope Productions?!

JPG4It’s me James Lott Jr and I wanted to let you know that I am streamlining the company. I’m in the process of adding and subtracting. I am working with my other company JLJ Media to form something nice. I have a book division now. A music division too. They go along with the art, tv and radio stuff.

It will take a few months to get to get this all together.

Thank You  for your support and stay tuned!!


thank you

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I’m Back???



I haven’t done a post in over a month! Over the last few days i was notified by WordPress (who is the host of this page) that I had an influx of views!! They were all to my Home page. The reason i have been silent on here is that I am going thru a transitional time. I am trying to professionally figure out what BlakHope Productions will be. I am starting the new JLJ Media. SO what will Blakhope productions be within that!

Also I started to use this space as a platform for my art. My spoken word, my short stories, some of my tv stuff, things that are art related. I think that will continue. Stay tuned! Stay with me as i walk thru this journey of change. I love you all!

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Quotes from Dr. MLK Jr. I Like

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Happy New Year…Sure!!



This is my first post of the year on this blog site! Its 15 days in and I was trying to decide what to write. Blakhope Productions and James Lott Jr are going through a transitional time! I am in the middle of figuring out whats next. Its an exciting time and a time of hard work that I am putting in .

I am still decided what THIS space will be used for. I have the Flash Fiction Mini Series Good Morning, that I will continue on here. That has been fun to write. I have been sharing my poetry and spoken word on here. I think I will continue to do that too. I just urge you to stay tuned and thank you for any and all support you have given me!!

Happy New Year….YES!!

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