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Poetry is Spilling Out of ME!

I am writing and writing so much poetry. It is spilling out of me! Some i have changed a bit and turned into songs. I am so proud of the surprise success of my Poetry book It was a labor of my life in 2016. My ups and downs and now I have decided that I will end the year with another poetry book. I am currently picking the poems to be included. This will chronicle my 2017 and its ups and DOWNS! I hope to have it out in December.

This has been a great outlet for me and getting my feelings out! I feel better personally and I hope people who pick up the books feel better too and can relate!

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I Work Hard For The Money!!

I Work Hard for the Money by James Lott Jr 2017

I work hard for the money!

Actually I work hard for the dream!

Actually I work for the dream!

Actually I work for the dream and hopefully it will make me money!

Money is not the reason I work for the dream.

Money isn’t the dream.

The dream is the dream but I have to make money too.

I can never forget that.

I can never forget the dream.

But I need to find ways for the dream and the money to intersect.

I feels unfair sometimes but then I remember

I’m living the dream.

To be able to dream and to work for it.

I work hard.

But it feels good and not always like work.

I make some money

Somehow I make it work.


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Poems From The Heart! I’m on

I started writing poetry and spoken word pieces and publishing them on here. Now I have a collection of them in Kindle and paperback form! You can go to to purchase! Here is the link:



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Green with envy

Green with jealously

The grass is greener on the other side

It ain’t easy been green

I see the pics.

I see the posts

I KNOW its of your best bits

I KNOW it can’t be all good

You must have a job

The kids can’t be that well behaved

How can you be having fun when you are shooting video of yourself the whole time

I still feel bad

What am i NOT doing right

I have bills to pay

I have a house to take care of

I’m single and can’t find a partner

I travel but not THAT much

Why do I care

It all an illusion to make me think they are better

or at least not sad

Everybody’s happy


Green in anger

Green in silence

Green and alone

Its time for some green tea to calm me down

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Life changing

Life affirming



Be open to it.

It’s too unknown

Embrace it.

i just can’t

It might be good for you

It might destroy me.

my ego

my heart could get borken

my ego

my self esteem will go back down

my ego

Maybe i’ll like this job

Bye by ego

This person could be the one

Walk through it

Be present

this house could be our new sanctuary

Always do it

Maybe its time to have that baby

I will survive

I will thrive

it will work out.

It may not work out

It’s always right on time.

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For 20 Years, I Was…

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Today it’s been 20 years.

I got the phone call that you were gone.

I didn’t understand what gone meant.

You left town?

I wish it was that simple.

You died.

You died.

You were gone.

A heart attack at 25.

I couldn’t believe it.

I was paralyzed.

I was devasted.

I was…

I ran out of words to accurately describe my emotions.

For years I was..

I tried to date others.

But I was.

I tried to love again and for years I couldn’t

Because I was.

I couldn’t stop looking at your picture.

I thought the pain would never end.

I just was…

But eventually time healed me.

I will never forget you or us.

I miss you and what you were.

I miss you and what you could’ve been.

20 years is a long time now.

But I miss you..

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Did I Call Them Into My Life?

Image result for new friendship quotes

I was reminded today that people do care.

I was reminded today that some people care a lot.

Just when you think you are alone.

A ray of light shines on you

Look right in front of you.

Did I call them into my life?

Did they call me?

They spoke to me and I felt warm inside

Their words touched my heart

I thought my heart was broken forever.

Its beating again.

So strongly.

I feel renewed.