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JLJ And His Christmas Music

No I don’t have a full length Christmas Album (one day!) but I am building up to it with three yes three Christmas songs from ME! 


Hey It’s Christmas is a new song from me and my collaborators Chog. It’s a fun, funky song! And here is the link:


Santa Santa Santa (Hurry Up Santa) was he first Christmas Song I did. Released in 2017, i wanted to do a christmas dance song! Here is the link:


There’s Always Hope At Christmas- I am proud of this new release. Much slower tempo, back up choir, very Christmas! Here’s the link :

Each song is different from the other! Each to fit your every mood! Please enjoy and Happy Hoildays!


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NEW Things Are Happening at JLJ Media

As you have probably noticed, I have been posting here regularly again! I am just about back to my old self (with New twists) and I am ready to take on the world. During my time off I have reflected and started editing my professional life.I have some exciting changes coming up! Here are a few of them:

I have a new EP coming out May 1st with the dance group Chog. It’s called The Seven Song EP. Right now you can listen to it for free on my soundcloud page. Our first collab together, The Five Song EP, is one of my most successful music projects ever! I was happy to return and work with them! It will be released on all music platforms.

Speaking of Music, one of my songs from my album Speaking With Strings will be featured in the Amazon series Asunder. I am so honored by this. I never dreamed how far my music could take me. Stay tuned for details and which episode!

And I am working on two new music projects, one for a podcast/Web show and my regular album that is a follow up to my first, Songs From my Inside Voice. I am also writing songs for a possible Spanish language album.

I have newer books out and one of them is flying off the shelves, Being A Heartie. I talk about the trails of off camera of the show When Calls The Heart, behind the scenes of the aftershow I do, the love the Hearties have show me through difficult times and some fun stuff. Get it on Amazon kindle or paperback! I have a slew of new books coming out this year! The Really Short Story Project is in full effect!

The Second half of The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show is returning! I have filmed enough material for about 4 episodes. So stay tuned for that! Sorry for the delays. Goto my YouTube channel to watch the first half of this Season Two!

I am really building my Super Organizer University and my speaking engagments. I am still doing the soap podcasts and A Lott of Help and In Between The Pages with James Lott Jr podcasts..

All good things must come to an end. May 13th, after 4 seasons, The last Breaking Into on Black Hollywood Live will be airing! It will be my big 50th Birthday show and we will talk about age! I am bringing back former guests and I will probably cry the whole episode! I will write more about my feelings later. I am honored to have done that show!

I am taking the Extra Connections show and makng it bigger! After several years just as a podcast, I just signed a deal to bring it to radio and YouTube! Monday May 20th at 7pmPST is the debut of the new incarnation of the show! it will be live!! I will continue to have amazing guests and topics. It’s at a new studio here in my town of Inglewood, called The I am very excited!!

I think that is enough for now. I have other stuff i am working on and will announce at some point! Thanks for supporting me as a personality and content creator!



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JLJ Poem: Will I Ever Get Ahead?!

Will I ever get ahead.
Sometimes I wonder why I get out of bed.
Two steps forward
Three steps back
I can’t seem to catch a break
I feel like a hack

I am doing everything right
Good outcomes seem out of sight
Try hard as I might
My future doesn’t look bright
My future doesnt look bright

I ask God to hear me
I have to go on and be
A bright future I must see
I want to feel free
I want to feel free being me

I will push through
I will not feel blue
I will always stay true
I will seek a clue
to getting ahead.

I will make it through this pain!



JLJ Poem: Happy Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! 


Do you hear that?!

It’s my ancestors cheering.

I am doing things they only dreamed of 

They are so happy for me.

They sacrificed so I wouldn’t have to

I look to them for inspiration

I look to them for encouragement

I feel them on my shoulders 

They are my wings to help me soar 


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JLJ Poem: How Is Your Day?

Image result for the sun

The Sun rises.

I rise too

The sun sets.

I set too.

The day is full.

I fill my day.

With the life I want!

How is your day?

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JLJ Poem: The WINter

Image result for grey

Trees shed their leaves.

Some flowers save their bloom.

The sky turns grey.

For me It’s a chance to rest

To regroup, reimagine, rethink

I will be new when Spring returns.


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JLJ Poem: My December

Image result for light and dark

It gets dark early.

But its dark for me all the time now.

I look for the light.

There are more lights out now.

It’s that time of the year.

It’s that time of the year to feel dark .

The light is just decoration

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