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JLJ Poem: Happy Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! 


Do you hear that?!

It’s my ancestors cheering.

I am doing things they only dreamed of 

They are so happy for me.

They sacrificed so I wouldn’t have to

I look to them for inspiration

I look to them for encouragement

I feel them on my shoulders 

They are my wings to help me soar 


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JLJ Poem: How Is Your Day?

Image result for the sun

The Sun rises.

I rise too

The sun sets.

I set too.

The day is full.

I fill my day.

With the life I want!

How is your day?

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JLJ Poem: The WINter

Image result for grey

Trees shed their leaves.

Some flowers save their bloom.

The sky turns grey.

For me It’s a chance to rest

To regroup, reimagine, rethink

I will be new when Spring returns.


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JLJ Poem: My December

Image result for light and dark

It gets dark early.

But its dark for me all the time now.

I look for the light.

There are more lights out now.

It’s that time of the year.

It’s that time of the year to feel dark .

The light is just decoration

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When It Gets Tough by James Lott Jr

I felt weird.

I felt strange.

I didn’t know what was happening to me.

I got scared.

I tried to stay calm.

It was getting the best of me.

It was happening.

There was nothing I could do to stop it.

It was consuming me.

The diagnosis was in.

I had to stop everything immediately.



Until further notice.

No date.

And so it began.

The journey I will never forget.

The feeling and non feeling I will never forget.

This wasn’t happening TO me.

It was borne out of ME.

It was time to correct it.

And time to correct me.

When it gets tough.

You have to be tougher.

When It get tough.

You have to look inward.






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The Lost Days of February 29th- 31st


Image result for leap year quote feb 29th


It feels like time travel.

We are here, then we are there.

The month swallows up days like candy.

Suddenly its 3 days later in 1 days time

Its like magic.

Why isn’t there those 3 days?

Did they do something bad?

Except Feb 29th gets to come out and play every 4 years!

Its like we are trying to get to spring faster

We are tired of the winter

We close our eyes and March is here! 

I will never understand

Why February is so short


are the others months too long

Either way I need to live for today! 

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A Poem for February by James Lott Jr.


A Poem for February

its still icey there

Its nice and warm here

We are in the middle of time

Next month brings such promise of rebirth and renewal

I stand in excitement until then

But I need to enjoy February

For what it is

The shortest month of the year

Black History Month

Presidents month

My sisters birthday month

And treat it with respect

Each day that arrives.


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