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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 18



Vincent, with his hand and knuckles wrapped in a towel, tries to break the window and he just hurts his hand. The window is still intact. The door leading out is blocked with a brick wall and the window won’t break. What now?! The ground starts to shake violently!



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 17

Vincent Is staring at a brick wall where his entrance to the hallway in his house used to be! He doesn’t understand. He touches it and tries to push. It’s real and nothing moves. “what is going on?!” He goes to the window. He sees a yard. He tries to open the window. It won’t budge. He grabs a book and tries to break the window. It won’t break. He grabs a towel that is laying on the floor next to his bed. He wraps it around his hand and covers his knuckles. He cocks his arm back and punches the window.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 16


Vincent hears an alarm in the distance. It gets louder and louder. He opens his eyes. He is back in his bed at home. He is shocked. He jolts up and is sitting up in his bed. He turns off his alarm. He looks around. “OMG it was only a dream.” He laughs. “What did I eat before I went to bed last night!?!” He stretches and gets out of bed. He is just wearing shorts. He walks to the door in his bedroom. He opens the door and it’s a brick wall. “What the….”



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 15

Vincent and David are holding hands thru the TV. “How is this possible?” David replies, “Vincent anything is possible.” “David where have you been?” “I’ve been with you all along”

“No that was Sidney. And…He’s gone.” “Vincent I’ve been with you all along.” “Then why haven’t I seen you? Why are we here? I saw where we are.” “Vincent, I will tell you everything.  You must come here with me.” “In the TV???” “Yes”. Then David yanks Vincent thru the TV.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 14

Vincent sees the brown TV in the center of the far right wall. He looks down and now he is in a brown jumpsuit. The room is all brown. Furniture, walls and ceiling. Something is drawing him to the TV. He gets up slowly and stumbled over to the TV. It’s an old fashioned TV with knobs. He kneels down and turns the ON knob. There is no sound. Just a white background. He’s staring and then suddenly that person who looks like him in  a brown suit appears. Vincent looks, “David?! David!!” David says “Yes it’s me Vincent” Then he reaches his hand towards him. Vincent touches the TV. Their hands meet then their hands connect. Vincent is shocked.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 13

Vincent wakes up in a Brown room, but this room is unlike the others. It has furniture in it. All brown of course! Vincent who is no longer strapped to the bed is able to sit up and see the brown couches and brown tables and chairs; the brown dressers and rugs.  He eyes stop at one thing in the center of the far right wall…a brown TV.



Good Morning: The Micro Fiction Series Part 12

In the blue room still, Strapped to a twin bed, dried tears on his face, Vincent looks up and sees a man who looks just like him and Sidney dressed in a brown suit. “David…David is that you.?” The man nods Yes and then take his hands and places them over Vincent’s ears. He holds them there for a few seconds and when he releases them, the room is silent. Vincent is mouthing words but nothing is coming out. Vincent starts to panic. David places his hands over Vincents eyes, and Vincent falls asleep.