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New Stuff from James Lott Jr!

It’s April and I have NEW products coming out now and for the next few months!! See what’s out below:

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James Lott Jr is a Published Author

That’s right 

I have a book out!! A dream realized!! It feels so good to put out product after working on it for such a long time! Its a book of short stories.

I’ve started something called The Really Short Story Project. This book is just the first of many.

The Book is called The Really Short Story Project: 54 Stories of Micro/Flash/Sudden Fiction Volume 1. A long title for a book of short stories! Ha!

It is available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon as a paperback. Here is the link:

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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 23


Vincent is a tied to a chair that has him lying on his back. His face hurts from being slapped. His head hurts from falling backwards. He is breathing heavily, trying to focus his eyes on the two sets of feet walking towards him. In and out of clarity he sees two pairs of black dress shoes walking steadily towards him. Then he sees another pair of black shoes join the other two. They are walking closer and closer and closer until they stop inches from his face. He looks up and his eyes get big.


Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 20

Vincent falls thru the hole and lands on a field of grass. He is surprised that he is not hurt. He gets up and all he sees for miles is green grass! Grass in a every direction, and clear blue sky. There are no trees or hills or houses! Vincent says, “Where am I?” Suddenly the ground beneath him shakes and a hole opens up beneath him and he falls through.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 19


Vincent’s hand is hurting from punching the window that didn’t break and he’s in the middle of an earthquake. It’s a pretty big one. He falls to the ground and tries to stay put. Suddenly the bottom of the floor drops out and he falls through.



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 18



Vincent, with his hand and knuckles wrapped in a towel, tries to break the window and he just hurts his hand. The window is still intact. The door leading out is blocked with a brick wall and the window won’t break. What now?! The ground starts to shake violently!



Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 17

Vincent Is staring at a brick wall where his entrance to the hallway in his house used to be! He doesn’t understand. He touches it and tries to push. It’s real and nothing moves. “what is going on?!” He goes to the window. He sees a yard. He tries to open the window. It won’t budge. He grabs a book and tries to break the window. It won’t break. He grabs a towel that is laying on the floor next to his bed. He wraps it around his hand and covers his knuckles. He cocks his arm back and punches the window.