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Blakhope Productions/JLJ Media is the brainchild of me, James Lott. Jr.

I love art! I love Art in all forms! I want to showcase the different kinds of artistry that are out there in the world. I am fascinated with non-mainstream artists, small theater productions, up and coming bands, new ways of doing things, etc. Art is in everything. I produce art and I want to help others produce art. Art is just as important as every other part of society! I also have a some great associations and work with several networks! A LOTT of my work can be found on YouTube at JLJ Media (please Subscribe).

Current Projects

The SOS Show with James Lott Jr 

Breaking Into (

When Calls The Heart Aftershow (

Spotlight On (Interview series

GH Mini Spotlight (BlakhopeProductions/JLJ Media)

The Bold Breakdown (Bold and the Beautiful Aftershow

Y&R Mini Spotlight (Blakhope Productions/JLJ Media)

Bold and the Beautiful Mini Spotlight (BlakhopeProductions/JLJ Media )

Book Circle Online Author Interviews (




Radio Millennial (Voice on intro)


Other Projects:

The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show (web series)

A Lott of Help with James Lott Jr (Podcast)

Extra Connections (Podcast)

In Between The Pages with James Lott Jr 

Bold and Beautiful Rewind  (Podcast)

GH Mini Audio Spotlight (Podcast)

YR Mini Spotlight (Podcast)


Author/Creator of The Really Short Story Project



Also a Painter and Spoken Word Artist!

You can find and contact me at:

BlakhopeProductions/JLJ Media on Facebook

Breaking Into on Facebook

The SOS Show on Facebook

The GH Mini Spotlights on Facebook

The Bold And Beautiful Spotlights and Rewinds on Facebook

James Lott Jr on Facebook











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