20 Things You Didn’t Know About James Lott Jr!

04 Apr

20 Things You Didn’t Know About James Lott, Jr

  1. I hate carrots!!
  2. I Love Shania Twain and Kendrick Lamar. My musical taste goes everywhere!
  3. You hablo espanol!
  4. Wrote and recorded two songs in Spanish called Lo Mismo es lo Mismo and No Jugando Aqui!
  5. I have both an iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8

6. My company The Super Organizer LLC is 10 years old

7. It’s my first company ever!

8. My first job was being A Day Camp Counselor for the Hollywood YMCA back in 1984. I was 15.

9. I can juggle.

10. I started this blog post in Dec 2017 and i’m completing it now!

11. I was born on May 10th at 10:10pm

12. My favorite number is 11

13. Whenever I find 11 cents, i feel its my grandma Mitzi watching over me.

14. I love Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Black Cherry Gum

15.It takes me 2-3 days for me to adjust to time changes

16. I’m a great salsa dancer!

17. I sweat easily

18. I like being the big spoon

19. I love sporks

20. I’m a Spelling Bee Champion!


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