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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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I will miss my brother Max and my friend Alyson! But I am thankful of knowing both of you!

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Poetry with JLJ: I Have Hope


I have Hope.

I have to Have hope.

I have to hope I have the strength.

The strength to make it through whatever comes my direction.

The whatever is the scary part.

I have strength.

I have strength from all the years past.

I have lived through many things in my past.

I have fought against injustice .

I have used my strength against injustice.

Injustice makes me angry.

I have calm.

I have to be calm.

Being calm will carry me far and carry me through.

Being calm during the scary parts will be my strength.

Being calm through the whatever will require my strength.

I have the hope that I can do this.

I have hope.

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