14 Reasons I Woke Up With A Smile On My Face!

01 Oct
  1. I woke up! That’s a relief!
  2. I have a chance to correct any mistakes from yesterday.
  3. I can say hi to anybody in my life who is alive! (actually i have been known to say hi to those no longer with us.)
  4. I have a chance to have some fun!
  5. I get another day to work on my passion!
  6. Another moment closer to my dreams.
  7. Another day to be in my garden.
  8. I woke up with a smile cuz I have a comfortable bed! (sooooo important!)
  9. It’s another day that has passed and i survived whatever came my way.
  10. It’s another day passed since my brother Max died and it helps in the healing process. (though I miss him every day)
  11. I have a great home.
  12. I have great kids and grandkids.
  13. I have amazing friends who support me.
  14. And the MAIN reason I woke up with a smile on my face is I get to share THIS with all of you!


In difficult and crazy times, it can be hard to stay positive. But I believe you have to TRY to add to the positive to eradicate the negative in the world. This is one of the exercises I do to help me with this!

Have a great day!

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