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Poetry With JLJ: I Know What I Want



I know what I want.

I want what I know.

I have learned a lot.

I paid attention to all of life lessons.

I know what feels good and what doesn’t.

I know what to steer clear of and what to run to.

NO to what I want?

I want the answer not to be NO!

Yes I want what I know I want.

Why is it so hard to get?!

Why does it feel like the answer is always NO.

or it is still my choices…..

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Poetry With JLJ: I Can’t Believe


I can’t believe this is happening again!

I thought we were done with this.

I thought we agreed this would never happen again.

I can’t believe that I’m feeling this way again.

I didn’t like it the first time.

I don’t like it now.

I remember we sat down and talked it all out.

Your eyes met mine.

We held hands.

You talked and I listened

I talked and told you it would be okay.

I can’t believe a word you say anymore!

You promised things.

I promised things too.

We were in the same page!

So I thought.

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Poetry with JLJ: Scared



Its scary out there.

I don’t want to leave my house sometimes.

Its scary in here.

I’m not always safe in my own house.

Its scary over there.

I see so much on the news, on TV, on social media.

Its scary over here.

There are things I witness all the time in my own backyard, my street, my community.

Its was scary.

I remember how it was growing up and how dangerous it seemed.

It is scary.

I see how dangerous it is STILL and that really scares me.

It will be scary.

If things don’t change, then it will be scarier and that scares me the most!

I will do what I can to help make this world LESS scary and if we ALL do that

Then we have a chance to NOT be scared anymore.

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7 Reasons I Get Out of Bed

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  1. I have to pee.
  2. I’m hungry.
  3. I feel productive after a good nights sleep. The brain rested.
  4. It is my duty to be a productive member of society.
  5. My ancestors fought hard for me to have the life I have.
  6. I want to see my friends and family.
  7. I finally have a career that I love and THAT gets me out of bed!
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Poetry with JLJ: Ode To A Brother

Image result for death


I open my eyes and I’m happy.

I’m happy to be awake from the nightmare of my sleep.

At first I feel safe because the dream is over finally.

I can catch my breath and stop crying.

I can stop running and being upset.

I can start to relax again and feel good again.

But I realize that I can’t breath.

I can’t stop crying.

I feel like running .

I’m upset.

I don’t feel safe.

Being awake feels worse than being asleep.

I miss him terribly.




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Poetry with JLJ: Just Like Everyone Else (I Am Worthy)


I am worthy of love.

You are worthy of love.

It doesn’t matter what is being said to you.

It doesn’t matter what is being shown to you.

It doesn’t matter what is being fed to you.

Love has no color.

Love has no skin tone requirement.

Love doesn’t look at your grade of hair, size of lips or width of nose.

You don’t have to be this color shade to ride this ride.

Kindness, care, laughter, compassion are your givens to receive love.

Put out the energy you want to receive back.

Put out the love you want to receive back.

Put out LOVE.

Be Open to it.

Embrace it.

Let yourself have it.

You are worth every ounce of it.

You are worthy.

I am worthy.


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14 Reasons I Woke Up With A Smile On My Face!

  1. I woke up! That’s a relief!
  2. I have a chance to correct any mistakes from yesterday.
  3. I can say hi to anybody in my life who is alive! (actually i have been known to say hi to those no longer with us.)
  4. I have a chance to have some fun!
  5. I get another day to work on my passion!
  6. Another moment closer to my dreams.
  7. Another day to be in my garden.
  8. I woke up with a smile cuz I have a comfortable bed! (sooooo important!)
  9. It’s another day that has passed and i survived whatever came my way.
  10. It’s another day passed since my brother Max died and it helps in the healing process. (though I miss him every day)
  11. I have a great home.
  12. I have great kids and grandkids.
  13. I have amazing friends who support me.
  14. And the MAIN reason I woke up with a smile on my face is I get to share THIS with all of you!


In difficult and crazy times, it can be hard to stay positive. But I believe you have to TRY to add to the positive to eradicate the negative in the world. This is one of the exercises I do to help me with this!

Have a great day!

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