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Never Forget! Today is for the Family & Friends Affected by 9-11!

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courtesy of CNN

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4 Things That Used To Keep Me Up At Night..But Not Anymore

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  1. Work I needed to do! There is ALWAYS work to do. You will never finish it all, so worrying about it does NOTHING. Once I accepted this fact, I was able to sleep.
  2. Worrying about OTHER peoples problems! Especially if they are grown folks and created their own situations. You canbe sympathetic. You can be helpful. But you need to watch how much you take on of THIER stuff! It can be hard if you are a parent and you are watching your children and/or grandchildren going thru problems. Just remember worrying doesnt help and neither does staying up all night.
  3. Money or Lack thereof! Money is a constant in our lives and the ebb and flow of it can really worry us. i work hard for my money and I watch how i spend it. Am I perfect? NO. AND thats the point…continue to do your best and hustle for that money, but worrying doesn’t help you get money. You need to sleep so you can be alert and ready to handle your business.
  4. Anger in Relationships! Try to resolve it before you go to bed. I dont like the unknown or leaving things hanging. Work to work it out! They say never go to bed angry. I agree.

Sleep is important or so many reasons. If you are religious or spritual, then you know you are taught to not worry. SO even if you arent, the facts are that worrying doesnt add to anything and is an emotion that makes you uneasy and hinders any situation!


7 Things I No Longer Worry About

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1. I no longer worry about what people think of MY choices.

2. I let go of past actions of my parents. I see them as human beings with flaws like everyone else.

3. I Can’t control everything!! (that can be a hard one LOL)

4. I stopped worrying about when I will hit it “big”. Like what is that about. I am hitting it “big” now with being able to do what I do!


Photo by Doug Frerichs 2016

5. I stopped worrying about failure. Its ALL part of the picture. Some things DON’T work. But the lessons DO!

6. I started to believe in my close friendships and not look for problems. So when a real issue DOES come up, its real and its handled.

7. Worrying doesn’t really help you or any situation. You have to work on learning not to worry. For some people its faith in a higher spirit or God, that helps. Others its finding grounded realism that works. Worrying just adds stress and stress can lead to a host of health problems.

My life has become freer and I want yours to be freer too!!


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9 Reasons I’m Happier These Days

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  1. I know better.
  2. I know that I can make it thru anything because the longer I live , I experience it.
  3. I have a great support system that I can trust.
  4. I am more comofrtable in my own skin
  5. I have forgiven everyone and everything.


6. I feel ALL emotions and that is a great release.

7.I’m FINALLY in the career I want to be in!

8. I have forgiven myself.


9. I have developed a spiritual side that guide me! (Also my garden is my safe space too.)

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Happy 235th Birthday Los Angeles!

I am celebrating my 25th year in Los Angeles! And today Los Angeles is celebrating its 235th year in existence! I love LA and i am glad to be back and living and working here! We have our issues (traffic) but I love the weather and the diversity and the weather…

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You can follow my LA exploits and fun on my Twitter page @alottinla and my Facebook page A Lott in Los Angeles ON my TV show The Bold Breakdown on A Lott in Los Angeles is a weekly segment where I showcase something of LA. Its fun! LIKE my pages while you are there!


Photo by Doug Frerichs, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, DTLA 2016

Happy Birthday and with all the construction happening here, the next 235 years are going to look and be exciting!


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