Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 22

07 Mar

Vincent is sitting in a chair. Two masked men are tying his hands and feet to it! Vincent looks up, “It’s You?! It’s a woman dressed in a gray pant suit. She has slick back dark hair and no expression on her face. He looks around. The room he is in is huge with large dark furniture and he looks on the walls…its pictures of him from various ages. “You know why I brought you here Vincent.” She says in a monotone voice. He looks blank and says, “Actually I don’t.” She slaps him then grabs his face and says, “YES. YOU. DO. You know what you did to me!”

Shaking Vincent says, “I don’t know what you are talking about” She slaps him again but this time  the chair falls backwards. He looks and sees two sets of feet walking towards him.



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