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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 19


Vincent’s hand is hurting from punching the window that didn’t break and he’s in the middle of an earthquake. It’s a pretty big one. He falls to the ground and tries to stay put. Suddenly the bottom of the floor drops out and he falls through.



A Quote That I Find To Be True


SO true!!! You should always be moving forward in some way. AND hopefully you will learn things along the way. May each point and marker in the process teach you something!

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Big Announcements This Weekend!


I am reshuffling, trimming, adding, subtracting, editing…changes are happening! Life is always moving forward and along the way opportunities continue to knock on my door. Also after a big career meeting with the great Keven Undergaro, I’ve been taking a look at where I am and where I would like to go. It’s all good stuff for me! I feel energized and renewed and excited!! I recommend reevaluation to everyone! It’s good to check in with yourself. It’s good to ask yourself the hard questions.

Are you at the right job? Are you doing what you want to be doing? Are you working smarter not harder? Are you being creative? 

I will be making a couple of BIG announcements this weekend. Stay tuned…

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Do Whats Best For You!

I LOVE that quote!!! It is SO true! If you are an entrepreneur or in the entertainment field (I am in both),i then you know how unstable fields they are. When you choose (or feel called to) to be in those kinds of work, you must have a lot of faith that it will work out. In the meantime other feelings can creep in and try to derail you. There is a lot of unknown. It can be scary. Sometimes it can be frustrating. But worrying DOES NOT HELP any situation or make it better!

Secondly, and just as important, when you start to get work or opportunities for work, you are faced with decision-making and choice. ALWAYS remember that YOU come first and you should always make decisions based on whats best for you. That can be hard sometimes especially when there are others, who have their own agendas, are going to be affected. When I say own agendas, I’m not saying it in a negative way. EVERYONE comes to a situation with their own agendas and feelings and reasons. And there are times when your agenda doesn’t fit or doesn’t fit ANYMORE. It gets harder to make choices for yourself if you are worried about what the others think.

I say that every decision that you make for yourself you need to stand behind it but convey it to others in a real, honest way that is not mean.Be as kind as possible to others. You can’t control the outcome or reactions of others. You can only handle what you feel and do. Good luck out there and i know you can do it! I want the best life for you all!

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