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Living the American Dream Today and Always

I am living the dreams of many Americans. I get live and own a home. I work in two industries that I love. I have the friends and family of all races in my life. I carry his weight on my shoulders as I navigate thru life. I carry his weight and of those who fought for my basic rights. I carry it with pride and responsibility. Its not heavy. It feels good and strong.

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Let The Creativity Flow…


It is a NEW Year! I am feeling the creativity flowing through my veins. I Can feel the creativity swirling in my head. My brain is excited with the possibility of creating new art and new songs and new shows and new prospects and new energy! I am thrilled that I get to take my existing work and improve upon it and change it if I want to. Every day I wake up in 2016 is another chance for creativity!  I hope all of you out there are feeling creative. Creativity needs to be nurtured and protected! I hope that those of you with dreams and aspirations, go for those dreams and turns those aspirations into working realities.

I have so many creative things going on in 2016! You can follow my Facebook fan page as a place to START:

That lists a lott of whats going on in my varied world and you can find my various projects from there. On FB some of my pages are:

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