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Black Hollywood Live and ME

Black Hollywood Live

SO I have a new TV show debuting next week on Thursday Nov 5th at 5pm PST on! IT’s called Breaking Into and I will be interviewing interesting people in different parts of the entertainment industry! I have some GREAT guests lined up! GO check out my FB Page for more details:


Black Hollywood Live is the world’s first online broadcast network dedicated to African American entertainment news. BHL programming features inside information, insightful commentary and in-depth interviews with Hollywood’s biggest stars and influencers. Black Hollywood Live: Hollywood redefined. Check out all the other programming on there:

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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 18



Vincent, with his hand and knuckles wrapped in a towel, tries to break the window and he just hurts his hand. The window is still intact. The door leading out is blocked with a brick wall and the window won’t break. What now?! The ground starts to shake violently!



DEAD X Radio and ME

They started out as fans of my work on Afterbuzztv’s Impastor Aftershow. Then a friendship developed. The guys Jeff, Chance, Sean,Patrick and John have a fun radio show out of Florida. Also they have other projects in the business too! Movies and TV and other radio shows in the past and present! We have decided to merge the two coasts of America and form a partnership! We are filming a pilot for a TV show in early December! I am very excited. This will something different than any of my other projects! I am always looking to do different things and expand my empire. Of course I don’t want to hurt my brand and I feel this will be a FUN thing to add to my branding! Also I will get to experience something new and different, which is always the BONUS! I will keep you posted as this progresses!!!

Find them on FB:

Or Twitter @DeadXRadio


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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 17

Vincent Is staring at a brick wall where his entrance to the hallway in his house used to be! He doesn’t understand. He touches it and tries to push. It’s real and nothing moves. “what is going on?!” He goes to the window. He sees a yard. He tries to open the window. It won’t budge. He grabs a book and tries to break the window. It won’t break. He grabs a towel that is laying on the floor next to his bed. He wraps it around his hand and covers his knuckles. He cocks his arm back and punches the window.



Indian Films, Culture and ME!

Me with Ravi Patel of Meet the Patels AND TV’s Grandfathered!

If you didn’t know by now, I had to leave Bollywhat? on the Popcorn Talk network! Creator/Producer/Co Host Kanika Lal and I are friends and this was a decision I had to make professionally. I had a couple of NEW ventures that needed my full attention. I LOVED doing Bollywhat? and I want to THANK everyone from the Indian community that EMBRACED ME and were IMPRESSED with my knowledge of Indian cinema!! I take ti very seriously and knew that being on the show and being NON Indian, I had to know my stuff! LOL

John Abraham, one of my fav stars!

So I may be off screen for now!!! But I do have some plans in the embryonic stages to return to Bollywood reviewing in some form!!! Not sure which avenue yet and that’s the exciting part!! I will keep you posted! STAY TUNED!!

IN the meantime you can catch my time (5 episodes) on Bollywhat? on my YouTube channel, just click on this link.


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A Lott of Help…is Still There!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on a project that many are excited about and are WAITING patiently for and that is my podcast for A Lott of Help!!! I was still lining up all of my “ducks” in a row!

NOW I have a platform to distribute the show through iTunes! I have the proper equipment to record the shows and good software to edit them as well. I envision this as a 15 part series. I have picked the topics to discuss. SOON I will go in an record them. MY hope is to release the series in Early 2016.

In the meantime, I have a great Facebook page where I share updates, tips, and interesting thoughts! Please check it out and LIKE!

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The Really Quick JLJ Show is Filming Season 1!!!

I had half a season filmed and edited and done when i looked at it and didn’t like it! It didn’t work! It wasn’t my vision! So what did I do…..I deleted it! I deleted all of it!! That is why there is a delay in its initial release date of this summer! I decided to start over and I am the better for it!!!

Sometimes you have to make decisions like that. Start over! I have started over in my life several times. The results were a better life than before! Each time I rebooted, I felt better and more ON target! I made sure I made clear and thoughtful choices. This was no exception. I revisited my vision for this short web series. It is my art based outlet! MY art and the art of OTHERS! With that, I have started filming!!! I finished filming the premiere episode with a a great, talented artist, activist, educator Joshua Silverstein. During that show, I got to experience something I’ve never experienced BEFORE! It was VERY cool!! And you’ll have to watch to find out what that is….

I am filming episode 2 shortly and lining up episodes 3 and 4. I envision this as a 10 episode series to air on my YouTube channel TheSuperOrganizerJamesLottJr. I am VERY excited to bring this to you! I hope to debut the show EARLY 2016! Stay tuned and meanwhile check out my FB page for updates, behind the scenes, and fun stuff, The Really Quick JLJ Show AND LIKE the PAGE!!

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