AM I DONE?! By James Lott Jr

08 Sep



I was working on a spoken word piece the other day and i have decided to share with you some of it. I don’t know if i will continue to work on it or not. This may be it! Not sure. That’s the great thing about creating, you never have to stop!


That’s it

I’m done

I can’t do this anymore

It’s not producing any results

I’m still in the same spot

For awhile I was okay with it

Now I’m over it

I’m bored with it

I’m not gonna cry over it

No more looking

No more searching, casual or seriously

I’m not calling the right people to me

It’s me

It’s me

I know

I get it

I can’t blame anyone else

I am out of options

It is not working

I’m done

I’m done

Letting it go

Moving on

Going down a different path

I can’t do that anymore

It’s not serving me well

It’s not serving me at all

I’m done

I’m done

I’m done

And it’s okay.



2 responses to “AM I DONE?! By James Lott Jr

  1. isa

    November 13, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Ive written one about the ocean, do you want to read it ???



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