Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series:Part 10

08 Jul


The blue room is filled with blue smoke. Then the smoke goes back down the hole in the floor. The smoke clears and both men wake up. “Vincent. Vincent!” “Sidney. I’m here” They look over to each other and then their own situation. Both struggle to get loose. “Vincent, we are strapped to these beds. What is going on?!” “I don’t like this Sidney. I have a very bad feeling.” The twins struggle some more. “Sidney we need to figure out how to get out these beds.” Vincent surveys the room as best he can. AS he is looking, the ground starts to shake! It shakes harder and harder as the seconds continue. Both men hold onto the beds. The room is shaking violently and the earth sounds so loud. It is shaking so much that the beds are now rolling around and hitting other walls and bouncing around. Sidney’s bed rolls across the floor to the open hole in the floor. The shaking stops! His bed is right at the end. “Sidney, are you okay.” “Yes. I’m good. Luckily this hole is too small for my bed to fall in.” The hole opens up and he falls through.



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