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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 11



The giant hole in the floor closes up! Vincent screams “Sidney!!!!!”

Vincent is alone again. He starts crying.  He strapped to a bed and crying. His twin is gone! He can’t believe how this day is going. When he woke up, it was a good morning! He thinks back to those first moments in bed. Now he has been in several colored rooms and saw and lost his twin. He is crying all of those then he hears the door open. He looks. It looks like him but with a brown suit on. Vincent’s eyes get wide and says, “David?”



Super Organizer Universe Radio Returns Tomorrow!


Tomorrow my radio show The Super Organizer Universe Radio Show returns after a 1 week hiatus! And one of my guests is Wisconsin Professional Organizer Jenny Peterson! I am excited to be speaking with her! And I’m excited for you to hear what she has to say!!

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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series:Part 10


The blue room is filled with blue smoke. Then the smoke goes back down the hole in the floor. The smoke clears and both men wake up. “Vincent. Vincent!” “Sidney. I’m here” They look over to each other and then their own situation. Both struggle to get loose. “Vincent, we are strapped to these beds. What is going on?!” “I don’t like this Sidney. I have a very bad feeling.” The twins struggle some more. “Sidney we need to figure out how to get out these beds.” Vincent surveys the room as best he can. AS he is looking, the ground starts to shake! It shakes harder and harder as the seconds continue. Both men hold onto the beds. The room is shaking violently and the earth sounds so loud. It is shaking so much that the beds are now rolling around and hitting other walls and bouncing around. Sidney’s bed rolls across the floor to the open hole in the floor. The shaking stops! His bed is right at the end. “Sidney, are you okay.” “Yes. I’m good. Luckily this hole is too small for my bed to fall in.” The hole opens up and he falls through.



James Lott Jr’s Hosting Gigs


SO my hosting gigs have increased! I’m on a few shows now on Its a very exciting time for me and I appreciate all the opportunities to hone my craft. It is so much fun and I love interacting with the other hosts and with the fans/viewers! This new chapter in my life requires some organization. LOL Luckily that is my other job.

Here is a quick rundown of what I am doing now (there are some things coming up, but i’ll announce those later):

Tuesdays at 10pm PST- ZOO After Show


Thursdays at 7pm PST-Big Brother 17 After Show


This Thursday July 7th at 5pm PST – Spotlight On with former AMC and DAYS actress Chrishell Stause

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This Friday, July 10th at 5pm -co hosting BollyWHAT? on Popcorn Talk


Recurring in Dishin Days and if i’m not on, I’m watching live and in the chat roll talking with fans! That is Sundays at 5pm PST





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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 9


The blue smoke clears and goes back up the small hole. The hole closes up. The twins Vincent and Sidney are knocked out. They are still alive. Vincent is laid out in his blue suit that matches the blue room they are in. Sidney is in his green suit. They look like they are sleeping. Then the door opens. Two guys in black suits complete with black masks each roll in a hospital bed. They set the beds up against one wall, side by side. Then they pick up each man and place them in the beds. They strap down each man to each bed. Hands and feet are tied down. Both men walk out and close and lock the door. A hole in the floor opens up. Blue smoke starts shooting out of the floor and fills the room.



Big Brother Review From Last Week!

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