Big Brother is Back, 17th Cycle!

24 Jun


Big Brother is my summer guilty pleasure. I watch all three weekly episodes and some of Big Brother After Dark. When May comes around, I look forward to seeing the first ads that Big Brother is returning in June! Then its about waiting to see who the houseguests are this season! I am VERY shocked at how NOT diverse it is?! I’m not even talking about race (that’s another story) but age! They are all in their 20s and 30s!!I HAVE to believe there is a REASON for that! Big Brother is KNOWN for their twists and shockers! THAT is one of the reasons I watch. I like to see them put through the wringer. LOL ! Big Brother 17 is here!!!

Julie “The Chenbot” Chen looked HOTT!! And they announced there were several twists this season and ONE major new play! And Not all the houseguests entered the house (the others will be tomorrow night).

After watching the premiere, I have the following impressions:

I like the twists they have planned.

The HOH competition was over the top as usual.  Loved it!

The girl from my hometown (Inglewood) has the best soundbites int the Diary room.

One guy bugs me already.

One girl bugs me already.

A history making moment happens!

Possible showmance already.

I have an idea who will last to the end.

And that’s all I can say without spoilers! I’m ready for Thursday night!!! Are you??



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