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Tonite I’m Co Hosting the Premiere of AfterbuzzTV’s Zoo After Show!


James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge wrote a fantastic book ZOO!! I read it in 3 days! I could NOT put it down! I love nature (in this case Animals) turning on humans stories! CBS made it into a limited series. It debuts tonight. I will be co hosting the after show of the premiere of ZOO.  You can watch live at 10 pm PST on

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I Will Be On the Radio …as a Guest!


Yes my busy media week which includes 3 different TV shows I’m co hosting and 1 radio show I host (and I had to turn some others since I can’t clone myself..yet), I am going to be on a local (LA ) radio program called Generation U Radio! Generation U Radio is a mixed format variety radio/television show with roots in urban comedy and Hip Hop/R&B.

They look like they are having a good time while discussing issues that affect us all! I’m looking forward to the experience!

Tune in and see what I’m in for!!!

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Big Brother is Back, 17th Cycle!


Big Brother is my summer guilty pleasure. I watch all three weekly episodes and some of Big Brother After Dark. When May comes around, I look forward to seeing the first ads that Big Brother is returning in June! Then its about waiting to see who the houseguests are this season! I am VERY shocked at how NOT diverse it is?! I’m not even talking about race (that’s another story) but age! They are all in their 20s and 30s!!I HAVE to believe there is a REASON for that! Big Brother is KNOWN for their twists and shockers! THAT is one of the reasons I watch. I like to see them put through the wringer. LOL ! Big Brother 17 is here!!!

Julie “The Chenbot” Chen looked HOTT!! And they announced there were several twists this season and ONE major new play! And Not all the houseguests entered the house (the others will be tomorrow night).

After watching the premiere, I have the following impressions:

I like the twists they have planned.

The HOH competition was over the top as usual.  Loved it!

The girl from my hometown (Inglewood) has the best soundbites int the Diary room.

One guy bugs me already.

One girl bugs me already.

A history making moment happens!

Possible showmance already.

I have an idea who will last to the end.

And that’s all I can say without spoilers! I’m ready for Thursday night!!! Are you??



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From Blogger to Host: Big Brother 17 Recap Show!


Yes folks me and Jon Manganello will be the hosts of AfterbuzzTV’s Big Brother Recap Show! It will be every Thursday night at 7pm (PST). You just go to

I’m so excited! Big Brother is my guilty summer pleasure! All 3 nights I am glued to the TV show about people living in a house filled with cameras and doing competitions for a big prize at the end. Meanwhile they have to play a shrewd social game! I love it! It is a dream to go from watcher, to blogging about it (i did last year) to being on TV and talking about it! Life is good!

We premiere on June 25th! Big Brother premieres on June 24th at 8pm on CBS!

Tune in!!!

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Time For Another Spotlight On…Hosting Gig


Yes this week there is another Spotlight On Show. This week its Bren Foster, a hot Aussie who played on Days of Our Lives a few years back. Amazing HOST Tony Moore and I have an hour to ask him about his time on Days as Quinn Hudson (Vivian Alemain’s son) and life after to the present!

So join us tomorrow Wednesday June 24th at 5pm PST. on

And if you are  DAYS fan, join me this Sunday, June 28th at 5pm for Dishin Days on!

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My Co-Hosting Job on AfterbuzzTV’s Spotlight On Series…


I had a chance to co host my first Spotlight On Series on The wonderful Tony Moore invited me to join him. It was a great experience. Casey was the nicest guy. I am doing another one next week. I am loving the opportunity to gain more on camera, live experience. I hope to get better and better! I am really enjoying myself! Live is good!

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My New Web Series: GH Mini Spotlight

James_LA_B300 LogoColorTextBelow

I am a big fan of General Hospital! I am also working on getting a General Hospital Show off the ground at an Internet TV channel (more on that as it happens)! In the meantime I have been looking to fill my YouTube Channel with lotts of content. This is one of the ideas that has turned into a series. Its a few minutes where I spotlight a family or person on General Hospital. I am usually inspired by an episode so I mention that too. So click on the link and enjoy: GH Mini Spotlight.

Also while you are there, check out other videos I have on The Super Organizer James Lott Jr Page. LIKE my vids and enjoy! AND stay tuned for more content!!!

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