Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 8

26 May


“It’s YOU!” Vincent says while standing at the door in the blue room. The YOU in question is a man who looks JUST LIKE HIM. The man is wearing a green suit that is identical to Vincent’s blue one. “What are you doing here?” The doppelgänger replies, “I Don’t know. What are YOU doing here?” “I don’t know”, Vincent replies. Then suddenly the Doppelganger is pushed hard into the blue room and knocks Vincent back. The door closes quickly and it is locked. The two look at the door. Then they look at each other. They hug. They hug for a long time! “It’s been a long time Sidney.” Vincent says with tears in his eyes. Sidney has tears in his eyes too. “Yes it has.” They look like two halves of a whole. But its green jumpsuit and blue jumpsuit in a blue room. Sidney says, “We gotta get out of here!” “How?” Both men look around. It looks impossible. Then all of a sudden from the ceiling from the middle of the room a small hole opens up. They run over to it and are underneath it and look up. At that moment blue colored smoke starts shooting down and filling the room. Both men start coughing. And within seconds the room is filled with thick blue smoke. You can’t hear or see anything.


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