Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 7

11 May




Vincent wakes up and looks around. He is in a blue room. He looks around and the whole room is light blue. It looks exactly like the orange room! He is confused. “Wait! Is this the SAME room? Did it change color?” he wondered. He looks over and there is a door. He tries to get up but his head hurts. So he sits against the wall.  “Wait! Where is the orange box I picked up?!” There was no box in the room.  Vincent looks down and sees that he is in a blue suit that matches the color of the room.


Vincent slowly gets up and limps to the door. It feels like the door is 10 miles away. His head hurts but he has to get to that door. He makes it to the door and looks. “I can’t see anything. Where am I?” He  turns around  and looks at the blue room. Suddenly he hears the door unlock. He turns around. The door opens.  Vincent’s eyes open up wide and says, “It’s YOU!”



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