Motivation Is One Important Component!

01 May


I love my art! I love creating my art! Ideas flow through me very easily. It is fun coming up with ideas for a new play, or a painting, or a song. But everything stays an idea if you don’t do something about it. I feel it’s important to get it out!  Get it out and don’t worry about the form. You can always go back and edit or change. Just get that initial thought out!

Whenever I have an idea pop into my head, I go on my phone or tablet and type or talk it out. Then I promise myself that I will set aside time within 24 hours to flesh it out. Sometimes it is difficult. Life does get in the way. But sometimes, its ME who gets in the way. The TIME is there. But I find some excuse not to continue or work on it. And the funny thing is that I want to work on it. I imagine the finished product and feel warm and fuzzy.

Why do we do that? Where does the motivation go? The question seems to be , how do I become motivated? It is different for every person. I could list 5 or 6 steps to motivate and they might be the 5 or 6 that don’t work for you. I feel that one of the other components to motivation begins with DESIRE. It starts with the desire to become motivated. It continues with the desire to become motivated to work on your art.

Use ME as your cheerleader! Hear me when I say YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! WORK ON YOUR ART!!! WE NEED YOUR ART!!! Whatever medium it is, feed your soul and work on your art! Find the time!!!

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