Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 6

01 May



Vincent awakes up. His ears are still ringing from that loud piercing sound. “What was that?!” He crawls to the corner and sits himself up back against the orange wall. He looks over and there is a small box sitting in the middle of the floor in the middle of the room. He opens and closes his eyes again to make sure he’s not seeing things. So someone had been in the room while he was knocked out. “I missed my chance! Dammit!”

He crawls over to the box. He doesn’t touch it. He is scared to. But he is staring at it, trying to analyze it. It’s a small orange box with an orange bow on it.  “What should I do?” Vincent ponders. “What if it’s a trap?!” He stares at it. Then he thinks aloud, “I guess I have nothing to lose.” He looks up and around the room. Then he picks up the box. The lights go out!



Good Morning the Micro Fiction Series is exclusive to Blakhope Productions!

By James Lott Jr 2015




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