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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 8


“It’s YOU!” Vincent says while standing at the door in the blue room. The YOU in question is a man who looks JUST LIKE HIM. The man is wearing a green suit that is identical to Vincent’s blue one. “What are you doing here?” The doppelgänger replies, “I Don’t know. What are YOU doing here?” “I don’t know”, Vincent replies. Then suddenly the Doppelganger is pushed hard into the blue room and knocks Vincent back. The door closes quickly and it is locked. The two look at the door. Then they look at each other. They hug. They hug for a long time! “It’s been a long time Sidney.” Vincent says with tears in his eyes. Sidney has tears in his eyes too. “Yes it has.” They look like two halves of a whole. But its green jumpsuit and blue jumpsuit in a blue room. Sidney says, “We gotta get out of here!” “How?” Both men look around. It looks impossible. Then all of a sudden from the ceiling from the middle of the room a small hole opens up. They run over to it and are underneath it and look up. At that moment blue colored smoke starts shooting down and filling the room. Both men start coughing. And within seconds the room is filled with thick blue smoke. You can’t hear or see anything.


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A Poem for Monday.


Why Do I dread this day.

It starts on Sunday afternoon.

Why Do I feel this way.

I always feel it comes too soon.


Its just another day.

It really isn’t any different than a Tuesday, or Wednesday or Thursday.

They start and end the the same way.

I will like Monday!



Are You Finding The Time TO Create????


Are YOU finding time to create? Are you setting aside time to work on your art? Are you FEEDING yourself with art?

IF you answer NO to one or all three of those questions, then you NEED to change that!!!

Find the time! Set aside the time, even if you have to schedule it in on your calendars.FEED yourself with art!


In my busy work and family life, I make sure to set aside time for my painting or writing. Sometimes its 20 minutes, other times its an afternoon. It doesn’t matter how much time. IF you have to squeeze it in, then squeeze it in!

I want you all to be the creative people that you are!!!

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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 7




Vincent wakes up and looks around. He is in a blue room. He looks around and the whole room is light blue. It looks exactly like the orange room! He is confused. “Wait! Is this the SAME room? Did it change color?” he wondered. He looks over and there is a door. He tries to get up but his head hurts. So he sits against the wall.  “Wait! Where is the orange box I picked up?!” There was no box in the room.  Vincent looks down and sees that he is in a blue suit that matches the color of the room.


Vincent slowly gets up and limps to the door. It feels like the door is 10 miles away. His head hurts but he has to get to that door. He makes it to the door and looks. “I can’t see anything. Where am I?” He  turns around  and looks at the blue room. Suddenly he hears the door unlock. He turns around. The door opens.  Vincent’s eyes open up wide and says, “It’s YOU!”



My Birthday Week!

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Its my birthday!

Another year come and gone.

46 years in the making.

A number I’m blessed to have made.

It feels a little weird.

It feels a little great.

Have I learned from my past.

Am I better than ever.

The future looks bright.

The future looks shorter than before.

Urgency has replaced slow and steady.

I have much more to do.

I will succeed.

Happy Birthday to me!




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A Poem Looking For Understanding!


Surprised and Sad

I wake up.

I roll over.

I get out of bed.

I go to the bathroom.

I wash my face.

I make my tea.

I turn on my computer.

I sit down.


I go to Facebook.

I see the comments.

I go to Twitter.

I see the comments.

I go to Instagram.

I see the memes.

My heart hurts.


The message is getting lost.

The message is buried under.

The message is hard to find.

The messages coming through are bad.

The messages coming through are disheartening.

The messages coming through are maddening.

I feel angry.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I can’t believe what I’m reading.

I can’t believe what people are saying.

I can’t believe what other people of color are saying.

I can’t believe what my friends are saying.

I feel angrier.


What strangers say only bothers me a little.

What my friends say hurts me a lot.

When a person of color downs another person of color, it stings.

What happen to unity.

What happened to compassion.

When will the understanding begin.


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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 6



Vincent awakes up. His ears are still ringing from that loud piercing sound. “What was that?!” He crawls to the corner and sits himself up back against the orange wall. He looks over and there is a small box sitting in the middle of the floor in the middle of the room. He opens and closes his eyes again to make sure he’s not seeing things. So someone had been in the room while he was knocked out. “I missed my chance! Dammit!”

He crawls over to the box. He doesn’t touch it. He is scared to. But he is staring at it, trying to analyze it. It’s a small orange box with an orange bow on it.  “What should I do?” Vincent ponders. “What if it’s a trap?!” He stares at it. Then he thinks aloud, “I guess I have nothing to lose.” He looks up and around the room. Then he picks up the box. The lights go out!



Good Morning the Micro Fiction Series is exclusive to Blakhope Productions!

By James Lott Jr 2015