Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 3

22 Apr


Vincent opens his eyes. He is lying on his back. He looks up and around and sees that he is in a van. It’s dark in there. There are no windows. And it’s hot! REALLY Hot!!! The van is moving fast and by the way they are bouncing around, he assumes its’ bumpy out there.  He tries to sit up and notices that one of his wrists is handcuffed to a bar along the wall of the van. He manages to sit up and tries to get the handcuffs off but no such luck. And the bumpy road is making it hard to keep steady. He looks down and sees that he is still in his underwear. Then a big bump happens, he is lifted off the floor of the van and lands on something lumpy in another part of the dark van. He gets off and looks down and it’s another man but wrapped in a blanket.


Good Morning the Micro Fiction Series is exclusive to Blakhope Productions!

By James Lott Jr 2015




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