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Friday the 13th Eve: A Poem

Friday the 13th: A Poem


Today is Thursday the twelfth.

Time to put any superstitions on the shelf.

Black Cats and Ladders and Mirrors are fine.

So are Not crossing your fingers, picking up pennies and opening umbrellas inside.

Knock on wood.

Knock on wood.

Knock on wood.


Problems don’t come in threes.

Three sixes don’t bring fleas.


Leave the rabbit alone.

Or make a wish on a wishbone.

Beginners Luck has no place in my home.


Friday the 13th is just another day to me.

It’s the day after Thursday the 12th .

It’s the day before Saturday the 14th.

And this poem only rhymes a little.

Now I must throw salt over my shoulder.

But I forget which one!

By James Lott, Jr 2015


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Two New Web Series in the Works!


I’m finally taking the plunge. Its a small dip in the Internet TV game but Its still a big deal to me! I am working on two web series. That’s right I’m creating, producing, writing and starring in TWO web series. I’ve seen others do it and I thought I can do it too, The web is a vast playground. And I can CONTROL what I put out there for the viewing public. Plus I see these as another promotional tool for my business, The Super Organizer and a springboard for my new venture, Blakhope Productions.AND I want to promote local LA businesses and arts, and food, and fun.

Each web series will be delivered on a separate social media site. The two sites that I have chosen only allow for 30 to 40 seconds videos to be uploaded, so that presents a fun challenge for me. The webisodes will be short! They will be quick! But hopefully they will be informative. Both are lifestyle/self improvement shows. A Lott in Los Angeles is literally about a Lott (Me:James LOTT Jr) in Los Angeles. Every Monday and Wednesday I will show you something I am doing, people in my life or who I meet, places in LA, etc. That series will be exclusive to Twitter and will be available on my Twitter page @blakhopela or @alottinla.  The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays on my profile Blakhopela on This show will be about anything and everything that I encounter, tips, tributes and travelling.

Right now I am in pre-production on both! It take s a lott of work to produce these things but I am enjoying the process. It will be nice to have them out there. I plan on doing them as seasons and will offer extras along the way. I have created Facebook pages for both: A Lott In Los Angeles and The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show.

I look forward to this venture and possibly have this get bigger and onto larger platforms. And as always I encourage all of you to follow your dreams!

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A Micro Fiction Scary Story!


The Eye Thief

Jacob is tied down. He is restrained on a table. His eyes are being forced open by some strange contraption. He can feel them getting drier by the minute. He wants to blink so badly. He tries to squirm to break free and he can’t get out. He is stuck. The man in a leather jacket stands over him. He is missing an eye. Jacob tries to talk but his mouth is sewn shut. He pleads with his eyes to let him go. The one-eyed man is unfazed. He raises his hand and there is a vial with red liquid in it. Jacob squirms more and moans! The one-eyed man says, “You’re turn.” Then he injects the red liquid in his eye!

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From Fear to Creation!


I was scared, literally scared to pick up a paintbrush! I thought Painting was something “other” people do.  I thought there was a rigidness about the art of painting. “I’ll never be as good as..” “No one would like what I produce.” “I’ll never be as talented as..” Well one day my stepmother (who is an excellent painter/artist) told me to “Stop it! and just do it!”  So I did. Now I can’t stop. I am working towards having my own art show one day. And I’ve sold a couple of my paintings!!

What I have learned is that there are no REAL rules about painting. It’s about expressing yourself however you are feeling at the time. For me painting is a vulnerable experience. I try to be true and centered and create whatever I want! Not everyone will like every piece I do, but someone might like and be moved by something I paint.  Painting, just like my writing, is another form of expression for me. And I overcame a fear, which is ALWAYS a good thing!

Most importantly, I’m having fun doing it! I will keep you posted on my journey with this!


My first painting ever! 2000


from 2002



From 2014

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Searching For Hosts For Possible Internet TV Recap/Chat Show for Daytime Soap General Hospital

Hello I am James Lott, Jr and i’m a guest co-host on AfterbuzzTV Days of Our Lives. I am looking to create and start an Afterbuzz show for daytime Iconic soap General Hospital.


I’m looking for 2 dynamic people who watch and love the Daytime Soap General Hospital! I am the lead host of an Aftershow/Recap Show on a major Internet TV channel and I need 2 co-hosts (possibly 3). This is great for fans too! We would air once a week for an hour and discuss the show. This is NOT a paid gig but its great exposure. You can promote yourself. If you are an actor/actress, musician, comedian, business owner, etc, this is great promotion.

The format and set up will be similar to the DOOL recap show. you can take a look below:

I need a good, clear photo (or head shot) and a resume. I will be doing all the screening and if you qualify, we will meet first and then I will present you to the network for their application process. I am really looking for men or women, team players and great speaking skills! Also must be able to get to the Valley in Southern California to film. AND to have fun. This is a chance of a lifetime. If you are connected to GH Events , that is an A+

Send all resumes and headshot/pictures to

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Good Morning The Micro Fiction Series: Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of my Blakhope exclusive micro fiction series, Good Morning.  I hope you enjoy it!


Vincent heard the alarm in his sleep. It felt like it was invading his happy dream. He was dreaming of a white sand beach and he was laying on it sipping a Mai Tai. It was so peaceful. He never felt peace like that in his awake life. The alarm would not shut up. Vincent finally decided to emerge from the peaceful slumber and turn off the alarm. Finally the annoying beeping was gone. He opened his eyes. Almost immediately two masked men bust in and drag him out of bed.



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A Poem For March


A Poem For March

It’s Winter, It’s Spring

It’s the end, it’s a beginning

It is the continuation that excites me







March is the perfect fit for me!




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