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Spoken Word Piece- You’re Kinda Right


You’re Kinda Right by James Lott, Jr 2015

I can see what you’re sayin. 

Some of it is true.
In a wierd way we are on the same page about many things.
In a complex way we couldn’t be more different.

You’re younger. 

I’m older. 

You’re intense
I’m slower.
You see things in black or white
I like grey areas…sometimes
I own what you want someday.
I have a business.
You want one someday.
You want to raise a family.
I’ve already done that.
We both have tempers.
We are over that.

You’re kinda right. 

Things weren’t going so well.

You’re kinda right

The fighting was more frequent.

You’re kinda right
It stopped working.
You are right.
We have to focus on ourselves
To each his own.
You ARE right.
But That doesn’t help with the hurt.

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Why is Art Important??!!

I love art! I think that art has as much importance to our society as law, politics, medicine, etc. Being creative can be useful in many areas of our everyday lives.  For me it seemed that Art was a big deal when i was a kid. AS soon as I became an adult, art became this thing “others” who didn’t want “real” jobs did. Art for me is a constant heart and mind opening experience. I see everything in a different light because I’m an artist! I invite all of you who aren’t doing anything artistic like writing, music, painting, crafts, etc……do something creative!!!!

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Friday’s Fast Fiction Story


It was windy all night. Pablo was scared to get out of bed. It sounded like the world was coming to an end. He hid under the covers with only his eyes peaking out to still see what was going on. The house rattled and shaked. He was certain that the house would lift off its foundation. Then suddenly the wind stopped. The noise was gone. Everything was silent. The house stopped rattling and no longer shaked. He felt that it was safe to get out of bed. He got out of bed, walked to the window and looked outside. Suddenly the window shattered and a giant hand snatched him up.


By James Lott, Jr 2015

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Watch “Days Of Our Lives March 9th – 13th Review w/ Christopher Sean & Hira Amb…” on YouTube

Days Of Our Lives March 9th – 13th Review w/ Christopher Sean & Hira Amb…:

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Co Hosting Duties on AfterbuzzTV : Dishin Days

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Six Word Stories

On Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit there are forums for Six Word Stories. They are fun and interesting to me! Some can evoke an emotion! in SIX words! Some make you want to expand it!  the most famous one was written by Ernest Hemingway:


So here are some of mine:

My mother walked in…with HIM!

His last words were “You Win.”

Erica ate all of my yogurt!

Finally the whole truth came out.

Dred walked in, Susie walked out.

I watched six episodes of Empire.

Melissa made her son kill them!

I opened the box and gasped.

The aliens came back for more.

The car crash was their fault.

He proposed and she said “maybe”.


All stories by James Lott, Jr 2015



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Friday the 13th



I wish everyone a productive day today! And also a day filled with a healthy dose of humor!!!

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