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A Poem For Today!

I am a writer. I am a writer of blogs and books. I never thought I could be a writer of poetry. For some odd reason I always thought that poetry writing was for “other people” or certain kinds of people. Whatever that means! Over the last few months, I have been writing poems and enjoying myself in the process. Some cathartic experiences have come out of this too. Here is a poem that came to me this morning:


A New Perspective

I opened my eyes.

Both literally and figuratively.

After a good nights sleep,

I saw things more clearly.

It feels like a new day.

It’s good to take things slowly.

Stop, drop and roll

Everything escalated so quickly.

Bad words were spoken.

They were said so harshly.

We recognize we couldn’t continue,

So the call ended abruptly.

By sleeping I had a chance,

To think about it softly.

I feel so much better now.

We can talk about it openly.

-by James Lott Jr 2015

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A Quote That I Believe In


Where there is HOPE, there is a chance for success!!

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Bacon 197?-2015



About 3 months ago, I gave up Red Meat. That means I gave up Beef, Pork , Lamb, get the picture. But there was one thing I couldn’t give up….BACON! I LOVE bacon!!! It is the best invention in food that ever was! Well that’s MY opinion. Now I have to give it up!

Giving up red meat was the latest step in walking towards better health for myself. I gave up drinking coffee and I severely cut down my soda intake. I upped my fish and seafood and certain types of vegetables. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to look better. But Bacon was a hard one for me to stop eating.


I am feeling better and looking healthier. I am okay without red meat. It wasn’t easy, but eventually my determination won out. The cravings have gone away. So NOW as I think about it, I can’t eat bacon anymore. It part of the pork family, which I gave up. I don’t feel good about eating it anymore.

So I say thank you Bacon. Thank you for making everything you touch, taste better. I will always remember you and the good times we’e shared. Bacon, I will always love you.

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Welcome to El Blakhope!


Hello and Welcome! My name is James Lott Jr and this is Blakhope Productions! This is a space for all things art! I paint. I write. I create. And I am also on the lookout for other like minded people who create too. Art is so very important to our world at large.

I invite you to follow this journey with me and I promise to bring you a diverse selection of music, TV, movies, books, paintings, poetry, performance and anything else that I have forgotten.  And maybe you will be inspired to go for your goals! I like to see HOPES and dreams turn into realities!! And for other tips and coaching you can visit my other blog

Thank you for your time and lets go out there and create!!


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