A Lott of Help & Extra Connections Expand Their Reach!

It’s 2020 and A Lott of Help and Extra Connections and I am working on ways to get the shows a bigger reach. I put the shows on French app Deezer. Deezer is a French online music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline. www.deezer.com

The show is now available on Spotlify! I love Spotlify and the show joins my music that is already on there.


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Remembering The Words Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


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Happy 2020! Let’s Do This!

Image result for happy 2020 wishes

Image result for happy 2020 wishes



JLJ Tries Different Types of Eggnog!

I am now Lactose Intolerant and thats a problem if you like EggNog!! So i went out on the hunt to find alternatives that still taste like real Eggnog. I did two videos on this. Here are links:

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JLJ Has A Christmas TV Series

So Keven Undergaro one of the founders of AfterbuzzTV loves Christmas and decided to start a channel devoted to the holidays, The Christmas 24-7 Channel on YouTube (and Apple Podcasts). I was in the early talks of his show Six Months of Christmas. But they asked me if I wanted to create and star in my own show! At first I wasn’t sure but quickly came up with a concept and hooked in with my friend and producer Stephen Lemieux and The Super Organizer Christmas Show was born.

The shows are under 15 minutes long and the topics vary but they are all related to Christmas (except for my Halloween Special). Every show I give you an organization tip. There are some shows that are solely devoted to organizing too. Its fun and fast and a little silly at times ( Iwas dressed as a taco for one of them. I think you would enjoy them!

The shows are released several times a week.! Go subscribe to my page and here is a link to my playlist so far (more episodes are coming):

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JLJ Has A Christmas Book Out!

I wrote my very first Story with Christmas time as the backdrop. I started out writing a very diffrent book on Christmas but diving intervention wrote this story. Its a Christmas mystery set in Pittsburgh! The weather plays a huge part. Will my characters make it to Christmas???

Avialible on Amazon paperback!! Here is the link:

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Happy Giving Thanks Day!

There are a lot of mixed felings of this holiday, Thanksgiving, but for me I take the title literally and have turned this day into giving thanks. Some years I have given back to my community on this day. Oher years it’s time for me to cook for the family and pour all the love I have into the food.Either way I see it as an opportunity to be together and be grateful and thankful!

Happy Giving Thanks Day! 


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